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1. PR Newswire - Columbia Business School - The Kazarian Foundation and Columbia Business School Collaborate on New Sovereign Risk Initiative
2. Harvard Business School - Creating Value through Corporate Restructuring - Professor Stuart C. Gilson
3. Harvard Business School Case Study - Greece's Debt: Sustainable? – George Serafeim
4. ISCTE - How EU Member States Can Win the “Trust and Confidence” of Global Capital Markets Key Stakeholders
5. ISCTE - The Benefits to Portugal of Implementing the “New Zealand Model” of Public Financial Management
6. London School of Business - Insights into Japonica's Turnaround Track Record and Greece Government Bond Investment
7. London School of Business - Insights into Japonica Partners Investment Track Record: Turnarounds
8. London School of Business - Insights into Japonica's Turnaround Track Record and Accelerating the Turnaround of Greece
9. London School of Economics & Hellenic Observatory/British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce - How Responsible Greece Key Stakeholders Can Win the Trust and Confidence of the Capital Markets by Following the UK Government Best Practices and Discontinuing the Worst Practices
10. Oxford University - Government Net Worth: Improving Decision-Making, Transparency, and Accountability
11. PFM Courses List
12. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Jacob Soll
13. University of Piraeus - How to Accelerate the Turnaround of Greece Government Finances by Asking the Right Question
14. University of Southern California – Bringing Western Democracy Government Financial Transparency to Greece
15. University of Southern California – Greece Government Working Draft Balance Sheet and Analysis of Third Programme Debt Relief
16. University of Southern California – Integrating Government Financial Management Processes and Financial Statements into the Sovereign Rating Framework
17. Webster University (Vienna) - A Business Leader’s Perspective: Using Two Key Undeniable Facts on Greece to Win the Trust & Confidence of Taxpayers and the Global Capital Markets
18. ZHAW School of Management and Law/EGPA (Zurich) - Europe’s Future and The Most Important Reform in Greece: Ask the Right Five Questions - Zurich
19. Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) - How Governments Can Create and Protect Value by Better Managing Their Total Balance Sheet - Brussels
20. ifo Institute - Center for Economic Studies (CESifo) and the Suddeutsche Zeitung - Greece: Government Accounting Reform as a Pre-Condition to EU Funds - Munich
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