Citizens’ Wealth Framework: 2023

JI-Analytics’ Citizens’ Wealth Framework (CWF) provides a true and fair internationally comparable picture of government financial performance, and represents a quantifiable improvement over financial debt and deficit metrics.  The CWF 12 KPIs are both “a quantum leap in government financial performance management” and “the greatest advance in sovereign risk analysis”.

The total investment in Citizens’ Wealth Framework intellectual property since 2012 is assessed at over US$250 million with the work of approximately 300 niche specialists, many among the most renowned in the world, and information mined from every relevant sector and source.

The Citizens’ Wealth Framework is an improvement over financial debt and deficit metrics, and over the focus on a single (central government rather than general or whole of government) debt number, in part because Citizens’ Wealth includes all government assets and all government debts (the total government balance sheet) and, ideally, from the audited financial statements based on international generally accepted government accounting standards, as well as a government’s GDP.  Citizens’ Wealth provides insight into government financial performance and position, and the relationship to GDP for both single government historical benchmarking and peer benchmarking.

For additional education, see the Citizens’ Wealth Framework 2023, including the following seven sections:  Section A. Terminology Definitions; Section B. Terminology Rationale; Section C. 12 KPIs Definitions; Section D. Sources and Methodology; Section E. Citizens’ Wealth Additional Information; Section F. KPIs Formula Examples – United States Federal Government; Section G. Select Citizens’ Wealth KPIs: Basic Math Examples (2001-2021).

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